At the highest point of the old city named Iluro, rests an austere neoclassic façade, souvenir of a community deeply rooted to the territory.

The Basílica de Santa Maria (Holy Mary basilica) is a place able to explain the events happened during more than twenty centuries. Its colossal nave reveals a building in which the dialogue between the artistic expressions and the liturgy has created a singular place for contemplation.

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The visit to the basilica is free during the public opening hours of the building.

Some activities, due to reasons of conservation and organization can only be done with a previous booking.

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The Conjunt dels Dolors (Ensemble of the Sorrows), indisputable witness of Catalan Baroque.

Life and death, light and darkness, celebration and mourning convert in a place where the strength of the Baroque drama wraps the spectator.

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Santa Marias’s temple is a Cultural Well of National Interest located in a privileged surrounding to understand a modern city. Witness of the time that has passed since the arrival of the Romans, it is the result of a profound dialogue between the history and the territory, between the needs of its faithful believers and the artistic movements of every time. A parish more than ten centuries old that explains the life experiences of a community faithful to its origins.

The Sorrows Ensemble stands out to be a devotional place, preserved as few that we have around. A wonderful example of baroque architecture, a fascinating space where the paintings of Viladomat and Joan Gallart wrap the visitor. Some chiaroscuros almost Caravaggian that show some ideals that seem to come out from the darkness. A place worth experiencing!

The proposed guided visits allow the visitor to enjoy of a more accurate knowledge of the heritage, contextualized in its social, historic and liturgical moment. A tour through the history of art and the architecture that doesn’t leave on the side the use that inspired the building of the place and the people who made it possible. A thousand years of heritage that explain the social development as well as the different anthropological points of view of the transcendence; a thousand years of history that exhibit the will to produce beauty with a goal that has been kept until today.

All the activities are realized by prepared professionals that will offer a quality attention as well as accurate information, a service that plans a rigorous discourse but keeping in mind to realize a leisure activity.